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CA Cloud Desk Features

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Manage and track all your GST-related tasks

Detailed Reports

Generate Reports of Tasks, Employees and Invoices.

Automate Tasks

Automate your recurring Tasks, and work efficiently.

CA Cloud Desk Features

Tally Integration

CA Cloud Desk offers a feature to seamlessly integrate Tally with your partner dashboard. You can simply connect the Tally account and in just a few clicks you can manage all your accounts and data effectively.


CA Cloud Desk utilizes GST API to help you easily manage and track your GST-related tasks and data. You can add customers with just one click by entering GSTIN of the user and all the details will be automatically added.

Task Creation

We understand how important it is to delegate tasks effectively to your employees. CA Cloud Desk thus offers the feature of Task creation in which you can create, assign, and prioritize tasks with ease.

Time Tracking

Your time is most valuable, hence CA Cloud Desk offers the feature of tracking how long it took to complete the task. This feature helps you in accurate billing and efficient project Management.

Document Management

It is difficult to manage the documents of all the customers in one place. CA Cloud Desk offers a great feature to store and manage all of your documents and your clients documents at one place.

Document Creation

CA Cloud Desk offers the feature to create documents so that you can simply add the variable values and create documents. We have a range of templates and a feature of Self Create Doc.

Task History

Access a detailed history of all tasks from the CA Cloud Desk software. Get a detailed analysis of Tasks, priority, stats history, and due dates. The intuitive dashboard offers a clear analysis of your pending tasks.

CA Cloud Desk Feature- Task History
CA Client Feature- Client Management

Client Management

With CA Cloud Desk you can efficiently manage all your clients' information and documents. You can also send automatic notifications to update clients.

User Guides

CA Cloud Desk offers detailed guides for both partner and client portals. All your Employees and customers can easily get a complete walkthrough of the software

CA Cloud Desk Feature- Employee and Client Access Guides
CA Cloud Desk feature-client groups

Client Groups

With CA Cloud Desk you can manage all your clients by adding them in groups. Our platform offers the functionality of sending bulk msgs and emails to all group members using 1 click.

Custom Client Fields

CA Cloud Desk offers the functionality of adding custom fields while onboarding a client. This can be an authorized signatory or any other field .

Client Communication

Communicate with your clients directly through the platform. With our software, you can send SMS, Emails, and WhatsApp messages to your customers.

Team Management

You can Manage your team entirely using the CA Cloud Desk Platform. Assign Tasks, check progress, analyze timely reports and time-sheets for better collaboration.

CA Cloud Desk feature
CA Cloud Desk Feature - User Access control

User Access Control

With CA Cloud Desk you can control access to different features and data based on user roles. Give your employees specific access based on their positions.

Predefined Services

CA Cloud Desk has a library of 250+ predefined Services with fees and descriptions. You can choose between the wide range of core and non-core services.

CA Cloud Desk feature- Predefined services.
CA Cloud Desk feature- Reports


Generate Detailed reports of Employees, Customers, Income, and many more features to get insights and analysis of your firm's business operations.


Connect with the Community of CA to collaborate with partners who specialize in specific fields. Share Ideas and leverage strengths to tackle complex problems.

CA Cloud Desk feature- Community
CA Cloud Desk Feature- Client Document Upload

Client Document Upload

Upload Client Documents directly through our platform. Create folders for easy access and management of documents. CA cloud desk also allows you to share documents and notify users via email.


Manage all your invoices, and billing seamlessly with CA Cloud Desk. You can easily track payments, Transactions, Ledger , Debit and Credit notes from one dashboard.

CA Cloud Desk feature- Billing
CA Cloud Desk feature- Service requests

Service Requests

CA Cloud Desk offers a detailed dashboard where you can easily track, manage, and assign the services created by clients through their customer portal.

Client Dashboard

CA Cloud Desk provides a dedicated client dashboard personalized for your customers. This makes it easier for your customers to access all the information and updates about services, payments , and the client can also raise a service request from their portal.

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